an update update
My list is slowly shrinking. Very slowly. Here's where I stand:
  • US History midterm Thursday
  • Haley House Friday morning
  • Regular things (classes, work)
  • CVS - travel shampoo, etc.
  • sell the rest of my t-shirts ( Sold two more, only two left!)
Pam, my friend Mackenzie's mom wrote on my facebook wall* about wanting a T-shirt to help send me to Ireland, so that's pretty cool.

I picked up my application for Galway yesterday and it looks fairly simple. The actual application itself is only 10 questions, things like last name, first name, parents names... etc. The hardest part will be putting down what classes I want to take. Of course, it won't be binding, but they want to have some idea what you'd like to take. I'll also have to get two academic references and one character reference, all from BC faculty. I think I'm going to ask Lad, my writing professor from last semester, and Prof Troxell, my PULSE professor, to do the academic references. I'll ask Phil for the character reference because he's said he'd be more than glad to do one for me many times. So that's pretty much straightened out. I think we have to write an essay of some sort, as well. A How Will Studying Abroad Tie Into Your Other Studies At BC type thing, which will be a piece o' cake.

I've got to look up the last 200 miles of the Yangtze and Mekong rivers for my history midterm... blech.

* I still stand by it not being OK for parents to have facebook
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  1. Mike Says:

    Your anti-parents-having-Facebook-pages diktat is just plain bigotry. No other word for it.

    Good luck with your last-minute crush of things to do. And thanks for handling that other thing.

    You're OK in my book.