Freak out Friday!
So, here it is. The long awaited senior year. Woo. Hoo.

No Friday classes SOUNDS great but it leaves me a whole 24 hours to panic about ~the future~

RAHHHHH. Applying for the fifth year masters program... and I need two references from the history department. Luckily, all the BC history profs I've had are NO LONGER HERE. Here's hoping that the department will accept refs from foreign profs because otherwise... I'm SOL.

That's about all, folks.
So, like,
When I write my papers, I ALWAYS manage to eff up the footnotes. So, in all my wisdom, I have devised a system (which all of you geniuses probably figured out when you were seven) of what I'll call "citation notation"

It goes a little somethin' like this:

I type all of my paper notes out in different colors, each color corresponding with a different source. When I write my paper and need to insert a footnote, I just put the page number in the color of the source that needs citing. For example, if "Are You My Mother?" is blue, and I need to cite page five of AYMM, I'll just write out my sentence and put 5 at the end. When I've finished writing and editing my paper, I go through and turn all the little colored numbers into proper footnotes. Tada!

Now, if I could have it my way, Word would have a tool that would make this ten hundred times faster. Like, I could tell Word, "Word, recognize that Terrence O'Neill's autobiography is green. Every time you see a green number, insert a citation for his autobiography!"

But of course that'd be far too easy.
Ugh, where did my background go?

And WHY oh WHY do all of my dates read April 17 2009???????????

brb, tryna fix.
Things I'm diggin'
1. My Bodum french press travel mug. Only, mine is chartreuse and says "make taste, not waste." A nifty 50% off at Ryan's.
2. Firefox Personas... adding a little flair to my web browser, lord knows I spend too much time staring at it!
3. Delicious Thai curry soup
4. These three songs (yeah, I realize these are all 'old news' blahblahblah)
5. Write or die