So, like,
When I write my papers, I ALWAYS manage to eff up the footnotes. So, in all my wisdom, I have devised a system (which all of you geniuses probably figured out when you were seven) of what I'll call "citation notation"

It goes a little somethin' like this:

I type all of my paper notes out in different colors, each color corresponding with a different source. When I write my paper and need to insert a footnote, I just put the page number in the color of the source that needs citing. For example, if "Are You My Mother?" is blue, and I need to cite page five of AYMM, I'll just write out my sentence and put 5 at the end. When I've finished writing and editing my paper, I go through and turn all the little colored numbers into proper footnotes. Tada!

Now, if I could have it my way, Word would have a tool that would make this ten hundred times faster. Like, I could tell Word, "Word, recognize that Terrence O'Neill's autobiography is green. Every time you see a green number, insert a citation for his autobiography!"

But of course that'd be far too easy.
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