13 days!
Turns out the Globe never refunded me the money like they said they would. Surprised? Not at all. I'm gonna have to give them a call and really yell at them tomorrow. I really, really need that money seeing as I'm quite broke and can't figure out how I'm going to send all my stuff home. Ugh. Super stress.
of course this is the weekend I've got loads of work to do...

So, in traditional Keavy style, a to-do list.

  • At least 8 pages of history paper
  • PULSE paper
  • Fill out release forms for Galway
  • translate the next few paragraphs of Peig
  • make notecards for US History
  • Spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine
  • Upload all of those CDs to itunes
  • Create a packing list: What goes home, what gets ditched, what gets sent to Ireland (?), what gets given away
  • Laundry
In other news, I saw a guy almost get arrested last night from my perfect perch of a window. Apparently Brookline cabs aren't allowed to pick up passengers in Chestnut Hill? The cop who pulled him over (unmarked cop car, btw) kept saying "you are NOT a BOSTON CAB!" In the end the cabbie tried to push it off on the kids who hailed him ("You're the one who knows the law!") and was fined a hefty $500. I don't understand the law, and I've certainly ridden in Brookline cabs before... strange indeed.

There are 4 days of classes left. Yikes.
Cray-zay time
I just typed up my sources for this research paper... 15. Ugh. This thing is seriously looming and it's driving me crazy. Despite having read a billion (err, I guess only like 8) articles and sections from books, I still don't feel like I know enough. But then when somebody asks what I'm writing about (or as it happens more often, when I tell somebody about what I'm writing...) I can ramble for ages about "Isn't this crazy?"ies and "Whoa, who knew"s. Hopefully when I actually start writing it will come easily.

I was just looking at the academic calendar for NUI Galway and it looks like I'll be starting my exams on my 21st birthday. Wooooohooooo.

I can't wait to go home. I'm a little burnt out on school but I'm simultaneously pumped for study abroad. Speaking of, I'm still waiting to hear back an ultimate confirmation from the apartment manager in Cork... I'm hoping that should come any day now seeing as dad (thanks, dad) sent the money in a while ago.

I like to blog when I should be doing homework. Limbers up my fingers, gets them ready to typetypetype for ages. Pre-typing. I'm hoping to get a few pages down before I go to Lily Allen tonight.

The End.

ETA: Just found this. Kind of hilarious.
Rain, rain
I love the rain. Really. The smell, the feel, jumping in puddles.

I know for a fact that what happens here, in Boston, is not rain.

What happens here is hellish and all kinds of unpleasant, inspiring people to tell me I look like a drowned rat. Thanks.

And now, for something completely different, a picture:

Copley Square, Boston Public Library, People.
One sentence and a Hmmm.
I've been tossing around the idea of doing a Philosophy minor and if my calculations are correct, I should have enough space in my schedule to pick it up.... I'll only need 4 electives. Hmmm.
So, even though I'm planning to go abroad next year, BC still wanted me to register for classes for next semester, so I did. Funny that the one time it doesn't really matter when I register, as I likely wont be taking the classes, I have a good registration time.

So, without further ado, here is the schedule of courses that I'll be taking if I do happen to stay at BC next fall:

HS 43201 18th Century Ireland t/th 1:30
BI 14201 The Genetic Century mwf 10 (to satisfy the rest of my natural sciences core)
PS 03201 Emotion mwf 3 (to satisfy the rest of my social sciences core)
HS 56501 American Immigration I t/th 12
EN 38901 James Joyce m/th 6:30

So it's kind of a crazy schedule timewise... I should be able to squeeze in some work hours mwf between 11 and 2:30, then t/th 9-11:30. I wanted to sign up for a fiction writing workshop but thought better of it... I don't want to take the space of somebody who really wants (and will be able) to take the class.
I think even if everything does fall through, I'll be happy with these classes...

Speaking of studying abroad, I got an email from Cork's housing system this morning, but it was completely blank. So I think I'll reply with a little "huh?" and see what's going down.
Just put one foot in front of the other...
I've figured out a way to narrow down my research topic and still write about what I want! I still have to run it by my professor, but he should be okay with it. (Last class a boy told him 'I'm going to write about Eamon De Valera.' and the prof (who has written an award winning book about the man) just nodded and asked him to expand a bit.) I'm going to write about the military development of the IRA, their tactics and strategies and just general means of getting things done, but to do it, I am going to look at the specific instance of the Soloheadbeg Ambush, which began the military revolution in 1919. Yes, that was a huge run on sentence. Whatevs.

I just signed up to proctor 6 exams at the law school. Each is at least 3 hours and I'll be paid $9/hr. So, I'll be gettin' some bank to start the summer off.