So, even though I'm planning to go abroad next year, BC still wanted me to register for classes for next semester, so I did. Funny that the one time it doesn't really matter when I register, as I likely wont be taking the classes, I have a good registration time.

So, without further ado, here is the schedule of courses that I'll be taking if I do happen to stay at BC next fall:

HS 43201 18th Century Ireland t/th 1:30
BI 14201 The Genetic Century mwf 10 (to satisfy the rest of my natural sciences core)
PS 03201 Emotion mwf 3 (to satisfy the rest of my social sciences core)
HS 56501 American Immigration I t/th 12
EN 38901 James Joyce m/th 6:30

So it's kind of a crazy schedule timewise... I should be able to squeeze in some work hours mwf between 11 and 2:30, then t/th 9-11:30. I wanted to sign up for a fiction writing workshop but thought better of it... I don't want to take the space of somebody who really wants (and will be able) to take the class.
I think even if everything does fall through, I'll be happy with these classes...

Speaking of studying abroad, I got an email from Cork's housing system this morning, but it was completely blank. So I think I'll reply with a little "huh?" and see what's going down.
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