Cray-zay time
I just typed up my sources for this research paper... 15. Ugh. This thing is seriously looming and it's driving me crazy. Despite having read a billion (err, I guess only like 8) articles and sections from books, I still don't feel like I know enough. But then when somebody asks what I'm writing about (or as it happens more often, when I tell somebody about what I'm writing...) I can ramble for ages about "Isn't this crazy?"ies and "Whoa, who knew"s. Hopefully when I actually start writing it will come easily.

I was just looking at the academic calendar for NUI Galway and it looks like I'll be starting my exams on my 21st birthday. Wooooohooooo.

I can't wait to go home. I'm a little burnt out on school but I'm simultaneously pumped for study abroad. Speaking of, I'm still waiting to hear back an ultimate confirmation from the apartment manager in Cork... I'm hoping that should come any day now seeing as dad (thanks, dad) sent the money in a while ago.

I like to blog when I should be doing homework. Limbers up my fingers, gets them ready to typetypetype for ages. Pre-typing. I'm hoping to get a few pages down before I go to Lily Allen tonight.

The End.

ETA: Just found this. Kind of hilarious.
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