Did you know "slew" comes from the Irish word slua?
I just sent out a slew of potentially life-changing emails including:
  • one to WSHM about getting an internship this summer
  • one to the co-director of the Irish Studies department, seeing about switching from History to an interdisciplinary Irish Studies major.
  • one to confirm my study abroad choice of Cork in the fall, Galway in the spring.

... now all I have to do is sit back and wait. Which is no big deal. Only the worst part of sending out potentially life-changing emails.

I realized in US History yesterday, as my professor was rambling about all his great achievements, that I want to be an active historian. As in the dig-through-smelly-old-barns-in-hopes-of-finding-groundbreaking-documents type of historian. The kind that writes letters to dead peoples' relatives so that i can get my grubby historian hands on their precious family heirlooms, exposing those dead people as the wily people nobody ever realized they were. Of course, loads of fame and glory will ensue.

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