I just saw a man peeing outside in the bushes on my way to work.


In other news, this weekend was action packed and fun - a nice break from the crazy amounts of homework I've been doing lately.

I met a guy from Belfast at Haley House on Friday and that kind of put a downer on my morning... he was just so sad! I was chatting with him about how long he's been here, if he thought he'd go back, etc. and he said that he and his mom (he's probably just a little older than me) had come here three years ago and didn't have anything to return to. I suppose I probably should have expected something like that, but his tone of voice and the look on his face... so sad. Then he said that it wasn't really something they talked about in Ireland and I apologized for bringing it up... and he started talking about the conflict, saying it was no use for anyone to apologize anymore because it had already happened and apologizing just brought up the old feelings all over again.

The rest of my weekend was much more cheerful. We had Relay for Life on Friday night/Saturday morning... nothing too out of the ordinary happened, just a bunch of fun and exhaustion.

I got to see Katherine yesterday and we had burritos at Felipe's in Harvard Square and saw Neil Gaiman's book-turned-movie Coraline, which was amazing. And in 3D so double amazing.

One of the ladies just came into the office here at work talking about the paint she chose for her house... "Well it's called Meditative Blue... which I liked. I thought about going one step down, but that one was called Languid Blue and I thought NO WAY am I having anything LANGUID. That's such a negative word..."
I wonder what she thinks languid means?
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  1. ginger626 Says:

    but languid is a sad word...


  2. Keavy Says:

    Languid isn't a sad word... it's peaceful.. calm, relaxed. A nice shade of blue, if you ask me.

    We are going to Ireland SO SOON!

    AND, I got my comments to work!

  3. ginger626 Says:

    Middle French languide, from Latin languidus, from languēre to languish — more at slack

    1 : drooping or flagging from or as if from exhaustion : weak 2 : sluggish in character or disposition : listless 3 : lacking force or quickness of movement : slow
    — lan·guid·ly adverb
    — lan·guid·ness noun


  4. Keavy Says:


    b. Of a person, or a person's movement, deportment, etc.: exhibiting a natural or affected disinclination to physical exertion; leisurely, unhurried, slow-moving.

  5. ginger626 Says:


    Miriam Webster and Dictionary.com and freedictionary.com give definitions like mine....
    also...my point is, the woman was well within her rights to deem "languid blue" sad...the MAIN definition is SAD...and slooow and droopy, and unmoving.
    I would want MY home to exhibit any of those characteristics through paint.


  6. ginger626 Says:


    *wouldn't want

  7. Keavy Says:

    Both the OED and the AOD gave definitions like mine... I would say the paint co was probably going for peaceful, tranquil rather than fatigued or drooping from exhaustion.

    I would like my home to be peaceful :)

  8. ginger626 Says:

    1. a. Of a person, animal, bodily function, etc.: weak, faint, or inert, esp. from illness or fatigue; lacking vitality or vigour, listless
    -PRIMARY oed definition

    i would agree that the paint company intended a peaceful connotation...HOWEVER...i would not fault a person for defaulting to the PRIMARY definition of a word, from multiple sources. i think she is perfectly within her rights to classify languid as a negative word.
    and i want my home to be peaceful too, that is why i would paint it Peaceful Blue. with no connotations of droopiness or exhaustion...

    also, no where in the OED or AED definition is the word peaceful, just unmoving, leisure...not peaceful...

  9. Keavy Says:

    On my dashboard I have an OAD widget... which contains the word peaceful in its definition. Unfortunately I can't c/p from the widget... so you'll just have to march your tail on down here so I can prove it to you.

    Plus, I do agree the word has negative connotations.. but to say the word is "SUCH a negative word" is a bit extreme, in my opinion.

  10. Keavy Says:

    Also, the name of the paint shouldn't stop you from painting your house the color you want. Unless its like, Edward Cullen Sparkly White or something.

  11. ginger626 Says:

    A) congrats to the ONE dictionary you found with the word peaceful in the definition
    B)i would not call it extreme to call a word with multiple negative definitions SUCH a negative word
    C)I think she might have been exaggerating to tell a story. I am fairly sure, admitting I do not know this woman personally, that if she LOVED the color she would look past its name
    D) IF ANYONE MAKES VAMPIRE TWILIGHT PAINT I AM MOVING OFF THE PLANET. it has already infiltrated enough...

  12. Keavy Says:

    a,b,c: blahblahblah

    d) What, the twilight perfume isn't enough? (http://www.splendicity.com/articles/smelling-like-bella-twilight-perfume-201/)
    or the edward cullen body glitter? (http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/store/product.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302028384&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442193019)

  13. ginger626 Says:

    i think they should make body suits of the characters so people can BE vampires...cause they aren't obsessed enough...

  14. Keavy Says:

    You mean like http://www.squidoo.com/breaking-dawn-costumes-twilight ?

  15. ginger626 Says:

    no i mean like permanent plastic surgery to look like rpatz...

  16. Laura Says:

    why do you guys even know that the word languid exists?

    vocabulary is overrated.