My respek for (far?) Coldplay has just skyrocketed. They are awesome, their Sgt Pepper rip off costumes are sooo cute (and acceptable) and they keep making nods to "boss" Paul McCartney.

Kid Rock, on the other hand, can DIAF.

ETA: Whhhhhy do Robert Plant & Alison Krauss keep winning things?!?!?!?!

And, for some stupid reason, I cannot post comments on here... ROAR.

M.I.A officially wins creeper of the night... polka dot preggers belly is NOT okay.

I think Paul found a time machine because he is magically de-aging. Or he's just had SRS plastic surgery.

Neil Diamond is creepy.
2 Responses
  1. ginger626 Says:

    keavy is live-blogging the grammys.

    update faster!!!

  2. EC Says:

    Too fabulous!