Last pre-trip post!!
I'm pretty sure this'll be my last post before I leave for Ireland tomorrow, so I'll be sure to make it a good one.

My midterm went well today, aside from a few tricky fill in the blanks I feel pretty confident about it... so, hooray!!

After history, I got to have lunch with 20 or so delegates from Northern Ireland and the Republic and it was just... SO COOL. They got a grant from BC to get together to discuss the peace process and reconciliation and what not, so they're here in Boston for part of the week and Washington DC for the rest. Anyway, we (the service trip group) got to chat and eat with them and it was quite possibly the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. They were all so awesome and nice and gave us their cards, telling us to email them or stop by their office if we ever wanted to look around or get a hold of documents or just to chat. All three of us from the service group who were there (me, ben, sarah) are history majors with a focus in irish/uk history so all of these politicians were just going crazy offering us names and tips and... AHH. It was amazing. One of them women actually works for Eamon de Valera's grandson.

Also, they convinced Kate (the leader of the trip) that we should go to a hurling match at Croke Park.... WOOHOO!!!!!

All I've really got to do now is pack, clean up my side of the room and get through tomorrow (haley house, class)
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