It's been a while...
I've been meaning to jot a few things down in here... and well, I don't really have any excuses as for the delay. Because I'm tired, I'm going to pull out the old bullet list and avoid coherence. Bear with me.

  • I got an A- on my last history paper and recieved a $2600 scholarship from BC to study abroad. These may seem unrelated, but they are both solid steps towards getting on that plane to Cork in August. (I need to keep my GPA up and earn monies to afford to go, long story short).
  • I was thinking about my writing history topic and my experience in Dublin... people seemed unreceptive towards our service... or at least very confused by us wanting to spend a week helping instead of partying... and, well, that is just hard to reconcile with the image my history class/other experiences have created. I mean, volunteerism played such a huge role in both the revolution and the civil war (the IRA, the GAA). Eenteresting.
  • I don't really have a topic narrowed down for my paper. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of militarism/tactics... comparing and contrasting the methods, support (both public approval and material donations). I know that's kind of all over the place. I'm also thinking about tying in how much of a young person's affair it was... and how that might have effected the outcome... Point is, I'm not sure. And I have.. oh, a little over a month.
  • My birthday is in two weeks and I'm really excited. Sarah, Kelsey and I are going to see Demetri Martin on April 10th and staying the night in a shmancy hotel in Boston, which'll be a total blast. Shout out to M&D for that one ;)
  • Going on an "interfaith day of service" tomorrow, through Laura's internship. Should be nice, I kinda dig that sort of stuff.
  • There are 25 days of classes left, YIKES.
I think that might be everything I intended on saying. I am mighty tired.
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  1. Sarah Says:

    Perhaps some of the weirdness about volunteering as a humanitarian action in Ireland has to do with the fact that it was always related to the military or sporting... Ireland DOES has a rich culture of volunteerism, but it's largely related to anti-English sentiment, not a social conscience.