Something different:
I'm doing this reading challenge that my roommate stumbled across on ye olde interwebs. It's meant to be a year long challenge, so I'm a little late in starting but the good news is that I can use books that I've already read this year if they fit into any of the categories.

The challenge is to read 12 books throughout the course of a year, each one corresponding to one of the following categories:

  1. Set during a war
  2. a new author to you
  3. pre 19th c novel
  4. historical fiction
  5. mystery
  6. always wanted to read
  7. Dickens
  8. epic
  9. translated into english
  10. horror
  11. sci-fi
  12. high school reading list
I've already completed one (East of Eden for the "always wanted to read" category) and am halfway through with another (The Master & Margarita for the "translated" category) so yeehaw.

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